MPS Contributes to Local Nonprofit

Did you know that there are over 400,000 youth in the foster care system in the United States? Many enter the system with little more than the clothes on their backs. For the month of May, the staff at MPS elected to give $500 to Comfort Cases, whose mission is to bring comfort and dignity to the thousands of children entering the system each year, by providing book bags with essentials such as toiletries, as well as books, stuffed animals, journals and coloring books. Based in Rockville, MD, their outreach extends to 32 states.

This month’s nonprofit was nominated by MPS consultant, Angela Warner. When asked about her choice, Angela’s answer was straight from the heart. “I had an immediate emotional response to what foster children could be feeling when facing uncertainty, confusion, and fear of not knowing where they belong in this period of change. Dignity and respect is something we all want as human beings; there are also no guarantees for stability in this lifetime for any of us. Actions don’t have to be grandiose to be impactful.”

We at MPS are proud to help Comfort Cases continue to do the important work they do.