MPS Helps Project Management For Change Prepare for PMDoS

Project Management For Change (PM4Change) is the engine behind Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS), a Martin Luther King Day tradition in the DC Metro Area. The one-day event is designed to align nonprofit organizations (NPOs) with project managers who have the expertise and experience to help NPOs assess and plan projects. M Powered Strategies provided pro bono support to PM4Change for the third annual PMDoS, which took place in January of this year. For two months leading up to the event, MPS staffers Davin Hattaway and Patti McMullen provided communications and associations management support in the form of governance consultation, logistics support, and outreach to NPOs.

“The experience of supporting PMDoS was incredibly rewarding,” noted Patti. “Nonprofit leaders were genuinely excited to participate in this event and receive much-needed support for their projects that do so much to help our communities. It is empowering to see project managers in turn raise their hands to help these leaders through project management.”

If you would like to learn more about how your organization can benefit from M Powered Strategies’ pro bono services, please contact Kat McDonald.