MPS Maintains ANSI Accreditation

M Powered Strategies is proud to announce that our Professional Readiness and Effectiveness Program (PREP) has been recertified under the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for the third consecutive year. ANSI is a governing body that issues accreditation to organizations for outstanding programmatic performance across a variety of industries.

MPS cares deeply about professionally developing our staff, and over the years internal trainings have evolved into several formal professional development programs. The ANSI accreditation is a great achievement for MPS as it demonstrates the quality of PREP’s programs, ensuring participants a structured and standardized learning experience. Foremost among them is the Professional Apprenticeship for Consulting Excellence (PACE) program. PACE provides recent graduates and transitioning professionals a structured introduction to the world of federal consulting, with trainings, individualized coaching, and business development practice.

The PREP Management Team devotes a significant number of hours each year in preparation for the ANSI audit. Given how rigorous and extensive the audits are, it is an impressive achievement for MPS to continue to maintain this accreditation and we thank our Management Team for their continued excellence and dedication to our company’s professional development.