MPS President on the Nonprofit Show

A recent episode of The Nonprofit Showthe nation’s daily live streaming broadcast where the Nonprofit Community comes together for problem-solving, innovation, and change – features MPS President & CEO, Kendall Lott, along with some of his colleagues from Project Management for Change.

Kendall helped found PM for Change in 2015 to provide structure and support for Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS), an event that he had conceived and spearheaded in 2014 to bring Project Managers and nonprofits together to help the nonprofits realize their mission. Project Management Days of Service are now held in cities and communities around the world. It’s one day, one place, where Project Managers can meet with representatives of nonprofits to accelerate the realization of positive outcomes.

In this half-hour episode, Kendall, Harry Zolkower and Beth May describe PMDoS, how you can get Project Managers to help in your community, and discuss the benefits that PMs can provide to nonprofits. As Kendall notes, “In nonprofits, not enough money is one thing. But it also ends up being not enough time, not enough staff alignment… And Project Managers, regardless of the field they come from, their focus is on managing scarcity. How do you get something done on time, at a certain level of quality, that satisfies expectations, within the budget allotted? It’s clear to me that what so many nonprofits need is a framework to harness whatever resources they have, to deliver maximum benefits.”

Enter Project Management.