Patti, Brian, Mara & Kat

MPS Team Assists Partnerships for Parks

M Powered Strategies’ pro bono contributions continue to mount. Over the last couple months Kat McDonald, Community Engagement Manager at MPS, along with Jimmy Church, Mara Goldberg, Patti McMullen, and Brian Wenzler, worked on a project with Partnerships for Parks (PfP), a public-private program that supports community leaders who care and advocate for neighborhood parks and green spaces in New York City. The team conducted stakeholder interviews, designed four skills workshops, and planned and facilitated a two-day retreat for the entire organization.

At the beginning of December, the MPS team traveled to Brooklyn for the facilitation. The sincere appreciation PfP staff expressed for MPS’ services was overwhelming, refreshing, and energizing. According to Brian, “What made this project particularly rewarding was the fact that we were helping to empower a group of dedicated, public service-oriented change-makers, with successes and challenges not unlike those we have experienced (and are experiencing) ourselves.”

At MPS we encourage all our staff to raise their hands for pro bono projects. Opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and allow us to stretch our “consultant wings” in new ways. If you would like to learn more about how your organization can benefit from M Powered Strategies’ pro bono services, please contact:

Shannon McGuire, Community Engagement Manager