PM Point of View® Gets Trademarked

PM Point of View® – the podcast that looks at Project Management from all the angles – is officially a registered and recognized trademark.

MPS President, Kendall Lott, started the monthly audio podcast series almost two years ago. The first podcast featured a 13-minute interview with the CIO of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. More than 25 podcasts and 30,000 downloads later, the series has a seriously devoted following. Kendall has interviewed cutting edge thinkers and practitioners in the field of Project Management, as well as professionals in a variety of fields that are not generally associated with Project Management. Past interviews include a Production Manager at the Shakespeare Theatre in DC, a campaign manager, a vintner, a wedding planner, and many more.

Available on the Project Management Institute of Washington DC (PMIWDC) website, as well as on iTunes and the MPS website, the podcasts are now one hour long, and are worth one Professional Development Unit (PDU) for Project Management Professionals (PMPs)® maintaining their certifications. To use Kendall’s standard closing remark for each PM Point of View® podcast, Until next time, keep it in scope and get it done.

Project Management Professional and PMP are registered trademarks of the Project Management Institute