PMPs Ira, Maria, Sarah, Lesley, Hoor

PMPs in Action

It seems like 2017 was the Year of Empowerment for women. At M Powered Strategies, five female staffers – Ira Casteel, Hoor Jangda, Lesley McNiesh, Sarah Miller, and Maria Perez – were certified as Project Management Professionals (PMP).

“Why PMP?” you might ask. What is the purpose? According to Maria, it’s “because I want to ensure that we are always providing the best services to our clients. I hope what I learned will help me go above and beyond, and provide our clients with the competitive edge that will set them apart.”

What does it take to become a PMP? Hoor did plenty of research before taking the plunge, talking to her MPS peers who had recently received a PMP certification. “They were very helpful in providing guidance and tips which made the whole process straightforward.” Sarah found the application process to be more daunting than the actual test. “The boot camp was super helpful, and I actually studied more than I needed to for the test, so I was extra prepared once the time came! The tough part is really the breadth of information.” But, noted Hoor, “once you understand the connections between the various concepts and methodologies, and that the testing centers more on the application rather than the memorization of the concepts, it becomes fairly logical.”

Ira is already reaping the rewards. “PMP concepts help me better understand the challenges my clients are facing, especially around planning and monitoring their projects.” Lesley is grateful for the support and encouragement from M Powered Strategies. “It’s one of the many things I appreciate about MPS: how they champion professional development.”

All the new PMPs except Hoor were able to participate in this year’s Project Management Day of Service on January 15. According to Ira, “It was a pleasure working with a dedicated group of people who needed someone to help them structure their ideas and help put together a plan they can realistically execute.”