Patrick, Sarah, & Marci at PMDoS 2018

Project Management Day of Service – MLK Day 2018

Project Managers at M Powered Strategies honored the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. by lending their professional skills to local and national nonprofits. Project Management Day of Service (PMDoS), which began in 2015, is hosted by Project Management for Change in partnership with Points of Light. The purpose is to help nonprofit organizations achieve their mission by providing expert advice from Project Managers.

On January 15, 38 nonprofits gathered in a large conference room at the University of Maryland in College Park. They were joined by 151 volunteer Project Managers, including a contingent from MPS. As one of the event sponsors, MPS was well represented: MPS President, Kendall Lott (who also happens to be a founder of PMDoS) was there, along with MPS PMs, Ira Casteel, Carl Crampton, Patrick Hendrickson, Lesley McNiesh, Sarah Miller, Marci Owens, and Maria Perez.

Lesley spent the day working with a nonprofit that recruits and places volunteers. They were planning a new project to provide volunteer services to veterans, and had funding, a clear goal, and success factors. But, noted Lesley, “with a limited staff and organizational transition, they needed some help to get an actionable plan together.” They were very pleased with what the Project Managers were able to develop with them. “I’m excited to keep in touch with them and continue helping!”

That’s the spirit we maintain all year round at M Powered Strategies. To learn more about our nonprofit services, visit the MPS website.