Sarah Smith’s Solution: Remote Work

For working mothers in this COVID-19 World, working remotely is the best thing that could have happened. I was in a sheer panic when the pandemic hit: schools and daycare were closed, yet schooling was to carry on for my then 7-year-old son.  How could I monitor his education, be there for my family, and still earn a living?  Something had to give and I was afraid it was my job.  

But then Julianna, MPS’ Operations Program Manager, told me about a position with the VA that was 100% remote!  Long story short: while yes, working remotely has its own set of challenges, I would not trade it for the world.  I can be here for my family and carry on with my professional career, all at the same time! 

I love working on BAM (Benefits, Appeals & Memorials), for the Department of Veterans Affairs.  A Veteran myself, I am very aware of the shortcomings the department has had over the years, and am gratified to be part of this effort to help the organization better serve our Veterans. I just passed my 90-day mark with MPS, and am looking to see what I can do to help out in the proposal-writing arena, or using my accounting skills for Pro Bono work. Thank you to all my fellow MPS-ers who have allowed me to fulfill some needs as well as some dreams, and made me feel so at ease.