Shani Nyandemoh Stands UP in a Virtual Workplace

I came to MPS mid-pandemic, so my entire experience here has been remote.  It was easy to gain my footing, as the entire MPS team welcomed me with (virtual) open arms. My current workspace is what I’ve always desired – a beautiful view, knick-knacks to remind me of loved ones and things I enjoy, and the ability to stand. Yes, a standing desk has been absolutely critical to my success. I feel fresh and ready to take on what the day brings when I’m standing; plus, I have no lower back pain, strained neck or sore muscles at the end of a long day!

Reclaiming time from the lack of commute, I have taken on quite a few ventures in my short time at MPS. I was selected to participate in the very first Execution Management Service (EMS) cohort, a 7-8 month program developed by MPS to boost career trajectory, with training in several areas that enhance competencies and strengthen MPS delivery. I have also become a Certified Change Practitioner (Prosci). My client work is engaging and fulfilling and I look forward to continuing to use the tools I’ve gained within EMS and my recent certification to keep moving forward!