Shenase Karrim Finds Calm in the Midst of Disruption

I started at MPS nearly six months ago, during the pandemic, and have yet to meet my colleagues in person.  My current role in IT/Cyber Security in the Federal space has afforded me the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about Cyber Security, IT Governance, Data, and Information Security.

I am very aware of time. Since no time is lost in commutes, we’ve gained more productive time. We adjourn one meeting and commence another session, seamlessly. We intuit the non-verbal communication and queues that we miss; the simple gestures, without words, that comfort us and strengthen us during or after a meeting. I know we miss face-to-face interactions – I do – but we have found a way to listen, share, support, and guide each other.

Every morning I take a moment to meditate, and it often crosses my mind how the world has changed, and how quickly we have adapted. Sitting on my meditation cushion in my pajamas, a room away from my workstation, I am full of gratitude for the technologically advanced space that allows everyone to solve problems, correct technical issues, and finalize tasks.

My family and I spend our weekends playing Chess, X-wing fighter board games, and testing new recipes. To stay healthy, I have committed to an in-home training program called HIIT, and a few times a week, I attend a Reformer Pilates class at a small studio in downtown DC.

I have found comfort in being introspective, listening to my body, mind, and thoughts, and carving a healthier eating plan, which is often not easy to do from the office. During this time, my advice is to take a break, meditate 10 minutes twice a day, exercise to energize, and talk to your loved ones with full attention, because we are all in this together.