Strategic Planning: Turning Vision Into Reality

by J Kendall Lott

Performing strategic planning is not the same thing as planning strategically. This is never clearer to me than in multi-day offsite brainstorming sessions with senior management teams. You’ve got all the tools for successful planning—a highly recommended consultant with a slew of best practice models, easels with big sticky pads, Post-It notes and colored markers, fruit and bagels, even Jenga for break time…what…


Everyday Project Planning: A Note-Card Size Guide for Success

By Felicity Noël Keeley, PMP

This article is written for early career professionals in disciplines other than project management, as well as new, beginner, or intermediate practitioners of project management. Advanced practitioners in any discipline can benefit from reading with a beginner’s mindset. Read time: 5 minutes

According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge 6th edition, “The project management plan defines how the…