The DC Beat: Felicity Keeley Connects with Neighbors in Need

Among many of my good fortunes during this difficult time, I am thankful to continue offering my services uninterrupted to my clients from home. Meeting facilitation, process engineering and re-engineering, requirements gathering, and policy development are just some of what’s in my wheelhouse. Due to the changing nature of work, I had a critical opportunity to offer my expertise in designing my pillar’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), as well as several other processes and policies that have come out of new requirements due to COVID19. 

Evenings, I volunteer for D.C. Mutual Aid group, delivering groceries to vulnerable neighbors. D.C. Mutual Aid Group is organized by D.C.’s wards, which means that I’m not just helping others, but getting to know my neighbors too. When a request comes in, I call my neighbor to find out what groceries they need. Then I go shopping. What once felt so strange is now second nature: Mask on, check! Gloves on, check! Phone in pocket, check! List in hand, check! Delivering the groceries is the best and hardest part. We all want to hug and hold each other, but that’s not possible now. Instead, we give air hugs six-feet apart and I remind them to wipe down all counter-tops and wash their hands once they finish putting away their groceries.