The Other Washington: From Wes Cronkite’s Window

After moving to Seattle last year, I have continued supporting VA clients on east coast hours. Starting REALLY early in the morning. Luckily the sun rises early out here, so the view from the living room desk to the skyline is beautiful…even at 4:30am.

I support the Benefits Appeals and Memorials (BAM) portfolio, providing project management support to the development sprint teams building an IT-platform for VA applications. I keep in touch with my clients and co-workers via Teams, although I’m partial to old-fashioned audio-only calls, so my colleagues can’t see how straggly my hair and beard have become during COVID. But haircuts or not, I’m happy to continue to serve my clients and company, even from the other side of the country. Can’t wait to see all my fellow MPSers in person next time I’m in DC.