A Message from MPS President, Kendall Lott

Greetings to all from MPS. Yes we are here and the lines are open. Virtually.  Like so many around the world, our consultants are adapting to the new paradigm. It has been heartening to see the creativity and invention that is emerging as a result. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Among other changes, as people stayed home to work, we managed meet with every client, initiate a new climate assessment contract complete with kickoff meeting and sponsor interviews via video, and facilitate an active online meeting for over 200 people.  Knowing we can’t meet personally has actually driven more interpersonal connection by meeting more often virtually.  The forced distance seems to bring us together.  

Together, apart, we get through this—that’s the irony, and the reality. Stay safe and stay tuned for more updates, as with colleagues and clients we continue to serve change and empower.