DTX is an eight-week part-time apprenticeship/professional development program created by M Powered Strategies and our partner, Conquest Cyber. In addition to paid apprentice work, participants must attend after-hours training sessions twice a week.

Training sessions cover concepts of cloud, cyber and digital transformation through a federal and regulated industry consulting lens. The first five sessions focus on consulting frameworks, program and project management concepts, the consulting process, and trends in digital transformation. The remaining sessions address the technical component: cloud fundamentals, adaptive risk management, cyber security, operation center fundamentals.

Generalists will be able to develop their working knowledge and comprehension of technical concepts, leading to greater effectiveness in their roles. Technical contractors will have the chance to develop the “soft skills” (the basics of project management, stakeholder management, presenting and speaking) that contribute to being a well-rounded consultant.

To learn more about DTX, and find out if it might be a good fit for you, contact: Andrew MacDonald

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