For Government Organizations, Nonprofits & Associations

We help you answer three questions: How do I structure my organization? How do I sustain success? How do I prepare my teams to deliver?

Organizational Strategy & Planning

We empower leaders to adapt their organizations to changes in their external environment—new technology, strategy, legislation—or map out and plan for a change leaders want to initiate themselves. With a suite of facilitated workshops, we guide leaders and their management teams as they (process internalize understand digest) and plan for each stage of the organizational transformation journey of strategic planning, value definition, decision-making, change management, and performance measurement.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Value Definition & Target-Setting
  • Decision-Modeling
  • Organizational Assessment & Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Workforce & Human Capital Planning
  • Performance Measure Development & Reporting

Portfolio, Program, and Project Management

We empower managers to maximize the value their teams deliver to their stakeholders—agency leaders, internal partners, or citizen customers. By applying leading management practices to full lifecycle activities of portfolios, programs, and projects, we align operations and improve how teams deliver value back to the organizational mission.

  • CPIC/Portfolio Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Budget Management
  • Risk Management
  • Audit Management
  • Acquisitions Management
  • Data Analysis & Management
  • Information, Knowledge, & Records Management
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Case Development & Analysis

Stakeholder Management, Communications, & Training

We empower individuals and teams to improve cohesiveness, build skills, and share information. Our focus is, first and foremost, on people and their centrality as the enablers of technology, processes, and effective communication.

  • Communications Strategy & Planning
  • Communications Execution & Analysis
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Mediation & Conflict Management
  • Executive Teambuilding & Coaching
  • Workplace Climate Assessment & Teambuilding
  • Training Development

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