Consultant Courtney Burum’s Virtual World

I work at the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization (FEHRM) office as a correspondence analyst, facilitating correspondence to be reviewed across different FEHRM workstreams, as well as between the Veterans Affairs Administration and the Department of Defense. I also support FEHRM’s SharePoint team by providing trainings on key functions and adding new users. Joining MPS in a remote environment has been a unique experience because... +

“Protect This House” by Melissa Farzin

Rules of engagement – we all have them, but we normally don’t take the time to write them down. As my sister was getting ready to graduate from college, I had accumulated almost five years of professional work experience, and was contemplating an appropriate graduation gift– something meaningful, useful, and personal. I thought back to my own transition from academia to what they call the “real world,” and quickly found myself... +

Shenase Karrim Finds Calm in the midst of Disruption

I started at MPS nearly six months ago, during the pandemic, and have yet to meet my colleagues in person.  My current role in IT/Cyber Security in the Federal space has afforded me the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about Cyber Security, IT Governance, Data, and Information Security. I am very aware of time. Since no time is lost in commutes, we’ve gained more productive time. We adjourn one meeting and commence another... +

Shani Nyandemoh Stands UP in a Virtual Workplace

I came to MPS mid-pandemic, so my entire experience here has been remote.  It was easy to gain my footing, as the entire MPS team welcomed me with (virtual) open arms. My current workspace is what I’ve always desired – a beautiful view, knick-knacks to remind me of loved ones and things I enjoy, and the ability to stand. Yes, a standing desk has been absolutely critical to my success. I feel fresh and ready to take on what the day... +

Consultant Jermon Williams Takes Control

In the midst of a year unlike any that’s come before, I chose early on to embrace our new normal with an open mind. This slight shift in mindset helped make my first five months with MPS a resounding success. From the virtual onboarding sessions and weekly meetings, to the Teams happy hours, the decision I made to invest my energy in the things I could control – basically turning lemons into lemonade – shaped my virtual experience for... +

Snapshots from Consultant Cathy Walley’s Virtual Office

Since I’ve never taken a selfie, here are my desk and trusty office mate, Dexter. My husband and I are in the midst of remodeling, so this is a bare bones temporary office – my second temp space in the past 9 months.  The pictures on the wall are favorites from past projects – the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which was across the street from my office when I worked for IBM; the Bay Bridge and Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, where I... +