Execution Management Services: An Educational Journey

 “The act of turning conversation into something visual, so everyone can understand a client space, is a little bit like magic. The final product is truly beautiful to behold.”

“Shani’s Change Management course helped open up a whole world for me!”

These are the reactions of MPS consultants to their experience in the first cohort of our Execution Management Services (EMS) program. Of the group who started the program in August…


“Translating Soft Skills in the Time of Covid (Part 1)” by Rizwan Oskoui

Life moves quickly. We live in a day and age where everything happens in a blur, our schedules and responsibilities a jumble of multicolored blocks on cell phones. Even in the middle of a pandemic (when we’re supposed to be slowing down) the days seem to end almost as soon as they begin. 

The solution seems simple: practice mindfulness. Focus on the moment, on the space within you and around you, on feelings and thoughts. Simply be…


“Beyond Broadway” by Shani Nyandemoh

The neon lights of Broadway have dimmed – no, actually, they’ve gone dark.  For actors, that means no more two show days, passing by the marquee to head through the stage door or hearing the familiar call for places. Broadway is considered the pinnacle of success for many artists and where many long to be one day. It is the ultimate collection and collaboration of the best and brightest all in one place, to accomplish one mission: to…


“Protect This House” by Melissa Farzin

Rules of engagement – we all have them, but we normally don’t take the time to write them down. As my sister was getting ready to graduate from college, I had accumulated almost five years of professional work experience, and was contemplating an appropriate graduation gift– something meaningful, useful, and personal. I thought back to my own transition from academia to what they call the “real world,” and quickly found myself…


EMS (Execution Management Service) Takes MPS Consultants to the Next Level

Business Process Improvement. Business Development and Capture Management. Customer Service. PMO Effectiveness. ACCLAIM Model. These are just some of the courses we are offering to MPS consultants as part of our new Execution Management Service (EMS) program. Geared to honing the hard and soft skills of MPS consultants, the EMS curriculum of MPS core competencies builds workforce readiness and resilience by enhancing our consultants’…


From Katerina Triantos’ Kitchen Office

Greetings from beautiful Rockville, MD! As we kick off Week 16 of WFH, I continue to provide consulting to our federal clients, with a focus on digital transformation and change management, while ramping up support for their transition to more virtual modern workplaces. Outside of client delivery, I’ve been giving training in Organizational Development, Change Management, and Modern Workplace to the apprentices in our Digital Transformation…