Category Management

Category Management is a strategic approach, recently adopted by the Federal Government, to organize spending into logical product or service categories, manage them as strategic units, and conduct market and data analysis to inform spending choices. Category managers make recommendations based on in-depth analysis to streamline acquisitions and bring about significant efficiencies.

What exactly is Category Management? Follow this MPS video series to learn from Gordon Wade, one of the founders of the Category Management discipline, who has been helping clients improve their acquisitions through Category Management for 26 years.

Watch more videos about Category Management:

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Why MPS?

Through our partnerships with ICF and Mr. Gordon Wade, Chairman of the Board Emeritus of the Category Management Association, and one of the original founders and creators of the discipline, M Powered Strategies offers a suite of services to help your agency address all of its implementation needs.

As a team, we bring more than 25 years of experience implementing category management throughout the private and public sectors, providing unmatched expertise in the field.

Services We Offer:

  • Category Management Process Development and Definition Support
  • Category Definition and Discrete Business Need Identification Support
  • Spend Under Management (SUM) Maturation and Data Sharing Support
  • Cost Savings and Contract Reduction Support
  • Small Business Utilization and Strategic Planning Support
  • Supplier Relationship Management Support
  • Acquisition Gateway Adoption, Participation, and Training Support
  • Spend Analysis and FPDS Data Analytics Support
  • Best-In Class (BIC) Contract Identification, Adoption, Development, Evaluation, Cross-Agency Sharing, and Monitoring and Evaluation Support