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Culture and Scope at an Exhibition: The Newseum

“Culture and Scope at an Exhibition: The Newseum”

An exhibit as a project, an organizational culture that drives the project management style and even the scope of an exhibit, meet the Newseum project approach! The Newseum offers rapid…


Corporate Sustainability: Beyond Profitability, Moving To Prosperity

“Corporate Sustainability: Beyond Profitability, Moving To Prosperity”

A discussion with Gregory Balestrero about key themes of his book, Organizational Survival : Profitable Strategies for a Sustainable Future, and the implications for…


Managing Stakeholders and Making Dreams Come True

“Managing Stakeholders and Making Dreams Come True”

With a tale of chiffon and bouquets wrapped around a core of Project Management, Tara about the behind-the-scenes management of stakeholders and of expectations.
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Do you…


Agile: Making It Happen for Uncle Sam

A discussion with Jim York and Elizabeth McQueen on the effectiveness of the agile software development approach at the Customs and Border Protection agency – what it takes to make it work, and what happens when it does!
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Project Management: the Global Advantage

Jordon Sims, Director of Organization Relations and Programs for the Project Management Institute discusses the value of PM and PM credentials globally, has a wide-ranging discussion of the value of PM in organizations, its impact on government…


The Transformative Value of Project Management for Non-Profit Organizations

Max Skolnik, DC Director for the Taproot Foundation, discusses how Project Management provides a phenomenal set of tools to approach charity work that is part of some new thinking in the non-profit sector, and how PM is ultimately part of changing…


The Show Must Go On!

A discussion with Deborah Vandergrift, Chief Production Officer at the
Shakespeare Theatre Company on the role of managing productions as projects
in the performing arts…and her own discovery that she was doing what we
call “Project…


Pragmatism from the Ivory Tower

The dramatic increase in project management degree programs leads us to ask, “what is the academic inquiry telling us about the future project management that we hadn’t anticipated?” and Mr. John Cable of the university of Maryland obliges us…


Experience Matters

PMs know how to deliver with the disciplines they have learned, but from an executive’s point of view, what’s missing? The answer may surprise you, from this interview with Mr. Bob Brese, CIO of the Department of Energy.
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Keep It Simple and Communicate

Project Managers want to know where they can use their skills now, and what skills they will need in the future: its all about job security. In this podcast we interview Ms. Kimberly Hancher, CIO of the EEOC, who 3 decades of bringing project…