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Project Management Point of View is a podcast series that offers insightful conversations with PM practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Host Kendall Lott draws on his experience as a PM, as CEO of M Powered Strategies, and as former CEO of PMIWDC, to explore how project managers create value in surprising places. Our guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes, and its future.

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# Name Description Released
99 Ecosystem Designer PMs as leaders you own... 05/17/2022 View Podcast
98 PM under Duress PMs how about we get to look... 04/22/2022 View Podcast
97 Design Thinking Design mindset, before you... 03/28/2022 View Podcast
96 Change Management and TOC "I will do what I can, with... 02/23/2022 View Podcast
95 Cognitive Behavior "Do all the humans on your... 02/09/2022 View Podcast
94 Heretical Agile In this episode,... 12/22/2021 View Podcast
93 Project Management Forward from the 2021 UMD Symposium We know change is constant.... 11/22/2021 View Podcast
92 Where has Project Management Gone? Guest Galen Low, from The... 10/27/2021 View Podcast
91 Effective Communication from the 2021 UMD Symposium Transformation Attenuation:... 09/24/2021 View Podcast
90 Product Management and the Toaster A team, a technology, a... 08/27/2021 View Podcast
89 Avoiding Failure from the 2021 UMD Symposium The statistics around project... 07/22/2021 View Podcast
88 Expectations and Capacity Kendall Lott and Mike Hannan... 06/25/2021 View Podcast
87 Estimations Oh My! Estimations - they are at the... 05/25/2021 View Podcast
86 85. Covid & the Art of Fundraising: A Theatre’s Tale It was summer 2020. Covid-19... 04/23/2021 View Podcast
85 84. Pandemic at the University How does a graduate program... 03/22/2021 View Podcast
84 83. Tips from Behavioral Science Project management is about... 02/22/2021 View Podcast
83 2021 Update: How to Claim Your PDUs Starting in January 2021,... 01/29/2021 View Podcast
82 82. View from the C Suite – Part 2 Where do projects go wrong?... 01/21/2021 View Podcast
81 81. Project Teams in a VUCA Context from the 2020 UMD Symposium Covid-19 has changed the way... 12/22/2020 View Podcast
80 80. View from the C Suite – Part 1 What do executives want from... 11/20/2020 View Podcast
79 79. Agile Today from the 2020 UMD Symposium Scrum with distributed... 10/27/2020 View Podcast
78 78. Project Perspective: The Bigger Picture How can you manage a... 09/23/2020 View Podcast
77 77. Virtual PM: 2020 and Beyond Ever since COVID-19 swept the... 08/27/2020 View Podcast
76 76. Culture and Fit from the 2020 UMD Symposium This episode, the first in a... 07/28/2020 View Podcast
75 75. Milestones in History The 9/11 boat lift in New... 06/23/2020 View Podcast
74 74. Seizing Opportunity An effective Project... 05/22/2020 View Podcast
73 73. Productivity Stay at home, listen, and... 04/23/2020 View Podcast
72 72. Teamraising If you think of leadership... 03/25/2020 View Podcast
71 71. The Art of Negotiation PMs deal with multiple... 02/24/2020 View Podcast
70 70. Marketing, Branding and Strategic Survival When you think of Project... 01/22/2020 View Podcast
69 69. Neuroscience in Project Management Project management is a... 12/19/2019 View Podcast
68 68. Project Management in the Federal Government What’s different about... 11/25/2019 View Podcast
67 67. Cybersecurity in Project Management Every day we hear about... 10/21/2019 View Podcast
66 66. Leadership in the 21st Century When managing millennials do... 09/23/2019 View Podcast
65 65. Psychometrics: Practical Applications Do the members of your... 08/20/2019 View Podcast
64 64. Risk, Resilience, and Response This is the first of three... 07/23/2019 View Podcast
63 63. PMs in a Digital World When you’re managing a... 06/20/2019 View Podcast
62 62. Radical Performance What's the difference between... 05/20/2019 View Podcast
61 61. Authors Part II: The Strategic Project Manager Projects are vehicles for... 04/23/2019 View Podcast
60 60. High Performance Teams A former US Marine/Special... 03/21/2019 View Podcast
59 59. Psychometrics: Myers-Briggs and Beyond Know thyself. Then know your... 02/20/2019 View Podcast
58 58. VOE I: Working at the Macro Level Three seasoned Project... 01/22/2019 View Podcast
57 57. Organizational Effectiveness "Efficiency is about going... 12/11/2018 View Podcast
56 56. Knowledge into Practice Part 3: Construction This is the third in our... 11/27/2018 View Podcast
55 55. Volunteer Management Managing Volunteers is key to... 10/22/2018 View Podcast
54 54. Procurement Almost every project involves... 09/25/2018 View Podcast
53 53. Knowledge into Practice: Agile In the second of our 3-part... 08/23/2018 View Podcast
52 52. PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition: Risk What do you get when you put... 07/26/2018 View Podcast
51 51. Knowledge into Practice Part 1: Leadership “Turning Knowledge Into... 06/26/2018 View Podcast
50 50. Ethics According to the Project... 05/24/2018 View Podcast
49 49. Influencers Part VI: Energy An energy project today might... 04/27/2018 View Podcast
48 48. New Releases: Conversations with the Authors In the beginning, there was... 03/28/2018 View Podcast
47 47. PMBOK® Guide – 6th Edition: Quality What does the PMBOK® Guide -... 02/26/2018 View Podcast
46 46. Change Management Being creatures of habit,... 02/13/2018 View Podcast
45 45. PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition: The Agile Effect This is the second in a... 12/20/2017 View Podcast
44 PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition: Scope & Schedule This is the first in a series... 11/28/2017 View Podcast
43 PM Point of View #43: Winners Winners PMI Award Winners... 10/30/2017 View Podcast
42 Project Management in International Development Looking for a challenge?... 09/20/2017 View Podcast
41 Looking Ahead This is a compilation of... 07/24/2017 View Podcast
40 Influencers Part V – Teamwork Project Management is a... 06/26/2017 View Podcast
39 Influencers Part IV – Quality Quality is difficult to... 05/26/2017 View Podcast
38 Systems Engineering Our PM methods face... 04/20/2017 View Podcast
37 PM Point of View #37: Influencers Part III – Construction “Projects are the... 03/20/2017 View Podcast
36 Influencers in PM: Risk   Risk is an... 02/17/2017 View Podcast
35 Cultural Resources Management Saving Priceless History!... 01/26/2017 View Podcast
34 High Impact Community Leaders Leaders ask the hard... 11/30/2016 View Podcast
33 Security Security issues are... 10/24/2016 View Podcast
32 PM in Outer Space You’ve seen the movies:... 09/19/2016 View Podcast
31 Advances in Project Management Part 3: The Organization Leans In Projects exist within the... 08/22/2016 View Podcast
30 PM in the Federal Government: Navigating Complexity PM, it’s everywhere, and... 07/26/2016 View Podcast
29 Influencers – Part 1: New Perspectives PMs are often the product of... 06/07/2016 View Podcast
28 Spies Like Them: Project Management in Intelligence US intelligence operations... 05/12/2016 View Podcast
27 Advances in PM Part II: Beyond the PMBOK® Guide In Advances in Project... 04/04/2016 View Podcast
26 Military Transition – Joining the Ranks of Project Management From POG to PM (yes, you have... 03/03/2016 View Podcast
25 Advances in PM Part I: Value Heads down on getting things... 02/03/2016 View Podcast
24 Proof Nazis in Austria, Moral... 01/08/2016 View Podcast
23 Project Failure! We asked for examples of... 11/23/2015 View Podcast
22 Connections Listen to our three experts... 10/26/2015 View Podcast
21 America Counts: The US Census Featuring Lisa Blumerman, the... 10/05/2015 View Podcast
20 Hot Topics from the PMI Silver Spring Symposium We present a snapshot of some... 09/18/2015 View Podcast
19 Project Kids Helping kids be safe, getting... 07/27/2015 View Podcast
18 PM in All the Right Places Get a free PDU by listening... 07/06/2015 View Podcast
17 The Campaign Trail: Project Management on the Run “The Campaign Trail:... 06/08/2015 View Podcast
16 Innovation: When 100% is not the Goal “Innovation: When 100% is... 04/27/2015 View Podcast
15 From Vine to Wine: The Vintner’s Tale “From Vine to Wine: The... 03/27/2015 View Podcast
14 The Practical Art of Networking “The Practical Art of... 02/27/2015 View Podcast
13 The Creative Process: Music and Project Management “The Creative Process:... 02/04/2015 View Podcast
12 2014 Points of View “2014 Points of... 12/30/2014 View Podcast
11 2 Houses Come Together: ASQ and PMI “2 Houses Come Together:... 12/01/2014 View Podcast
10 Culture and Scope at an Exhibition: The Newseum “Culture and Scope at an... 10/20/2014 View Podcast
9 Corporate Sustainability: Beyond Profitability, Moving To Prosperity “Corporate Sustainability:... 09/22/2014 View Podcast
8 Managing Stakeholders and Making Dreams Come True “Managing Stakeholders and... 09/08/2014 View Podcast
7 Agile: Making It Happen for Uncle Sam A discussion with Jim York... 08/14/2014 View Podcast
6 Project Management: the Global Advantage Jordon Sims, Director of... 07/28/2014 View Podcast
5 The Transformative Value of Project Management for Non-Profit Organizations Max Skolnik, DC Director for... 07/07/2014 View Podcast
4 The Show Must Go On! A discussion with Deborah... 06/25/2014 View Podcast
3 Pragmatism from the Ivory Tower The dramatic increase in... 05/28/2014 View Podcast
2 Experience Matters PMs know how to deliver with... 05/02/2014 View Podcast
1 Keep It Simple and Communicate Project Managers want to know... 04/22/2014 View Podcast